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The Great Gabby, Part 3: “Water Works”

June 28, 2010

Today has been madness… total madness!! Let me start by saying that when people think of dog rescue, I don’t think they always realize that all of us are normal, everyday people with families, jobs, other obligations, definitely our own dogs, and in my case today, a new home that is really not-so-new and more of a pain-in-butt.  Our AC has been on the fritz and today involved a battle with our HoA while working full time and getting in Gabby’s therapy. If it sounds like too much to get involved with rescue, I want to remind everyone that Gabby’s therapy was the HIGHLIGHT of my day today. I seriously think I would have lost my mind without her enthusiasm.

Since the AC is running but not cooling as much as I would like, I figured it was the perfect day for us to do her exercises in the bathtub. I filled it up about halfway, tossed in her toys, and we did all of her motions in the water. Then we did some little “strolls” back and forth across the tub but she wasn’t too crazy about walking in the water. Since I can’t really take video while in the bathtub, we took some photos instead.

Gabby in the tubGabby in the tub with toysAfter we were done, I took her out and toweled her off. She snuggled into the towel while I went into the other room. Once I got out of her eyesight, I heard little paws behind me….FOUR little paws to be exact, since she went right into the hallway and appeared on all fours in the doorway.  Grabbed the camera and off she went again. Go Gabby Go!!

I love how Tippy seems confused by this newly-mobile doxie. After all that hard work, I took her downstairs for a cookie. She decided to rest her sleepy head on the kitchen rug after digging in and getting it just how she liked it. Now I’m warning you–for the next two videos please turn your sound off. Once I got into “good girl encouragement baby talk voice” I couldn’t get it to stop for at least ten minutes. The second video is particularly grating, but since it got her tail wagging I just kept going.  I apologize to your human ears!!

Now after all that…try and tell me you can’t smile today. I dare you.

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