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The Great Gabby, Part 4: Lazy Little Flirt

June 30, 2010

Happy Wednesday! The work week is in full swing and things are busy busy! As I mentioned before, I had to have the AC lines repaired yesterday and it was excessively hot for pretty much the entire day. I could not in good concscience use the heating pad on poor little Gabby, so instead she had a bubble bath in her little “spa tub” and some cool wraps. The AC crew that was working here for the day decided Gabby was great company, and kept taking breaks to pet her, coo at her, and try to get her to walk to them. She was basking in all of the attention and took every opportunity to be as adorable as possible.  Once our AC was finally finished, all human and canine members of this household were exhausted from a long, hot day and we passed out for an afternoon nap. At night,  we did some more stretches and I tickled her feet with different textures, a tip that I received from TTouch. I used both sides of the hair brush (bristles and comb style) and a paint brush (which really had her kicking away). We haven’t done any taping of her therapy today or yesterday because during the work day she pretty much sits on my lap while we work in little bits all day rather than one long session.  If you are hoping for more Gabby videos, we will get some during the weekend for sure!

Gabby snuggling into the sofa

Tippy and Gabby sitting on a chair

Gabby laying in the clean clothesGabby eating

Anyone who is interested in adopting Gabby should know that she is a fantastic helper with the laundry. She will help test how soft and dry your towels are and help “sort” the soft things from the less comfortable ones (by pushing them out of her way).

In other Gabby news, she has been doing something I find hysterical and proof of how special she thinks (ahem, KNOWS) she is. Her previous foster mom sent the food she had been eating, a high quality venison pet food that is great for joints. Unfortunately, Gabby realized that my dogs were getting a different food (lamb). She has since decided that if I give her venison she will pull it out of her bowl and throw it on the floor. Then if I give her a scoop of what the other dogs eat, she will eat the whole thing!! For now we are using a mix of the two but somehow she knows which is which and throws some kibble on the floor and eats the rest.

Gabby LOVES to be outside, and there is no way I can walk the dogs seperately. My dogs are okay with me going out with Gabby and not them, but Gabby is NOT OKAY with me leaving her inside while I take out my dogs. At first I tried to seperate their walks because let’s face it, walking three dogs with different paces and energy levels doesn’t work if you only have two hands. Now that Gabby knows where they are going and that it is more fun than being in the house, if I am even considering opening the front door without her she comes hopping, scooting, or skipping to sit right between me and the door. Don’t think for a second you can place a downed doxie in the grass and let other dogs potty nearby. She’s quick on those paws and if you even turn around for a minute she is off having an adventure in the grass or rolling onto her back for a sunshine-filled nap.  Luckily if we go out the back door she can just hop right out into the grass.

In the photos, you can see that I put little pink princess bandaids on her feet so she doesnt scrape up the outer edges of her toes and to help keep her paw from rolling under. Don’t worry, her little paws are okay!

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