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The Great Gabby, Part 5: Rainy Days Mean Inside Play!

July 3, 2010

Little Gabby continues to improve every day. She gets so excited when we come down in the morning that she takes off skipping around the living room. I catch her walking quite often, and most of the time it’s because there’s something she wants (toy, treat, go to the door, look outside). Her paws tend to fold over when she starts moving too quickly, and then I pick her up and put her back on all fours, and off she goes again. She has continued to stand while she eats.

I think the biggest results have been during therapy. You can feel her muscles getting stronger, and if she really pushes back on against your hands. I also see her reflexes kick in if I tickle or rub her paws in a certain way. She’s not crazy about the bathtub and won’t really walk while there, but she has such great results after being in the water that I still put her in the tub sometimes. She definitely prefers her own private bubble bath (the foot spa!).

SToby making sure Gabby is okay in the tub.he’s not crazy about Toby because she knows she’s his boss, but he is a good “big brother”. When she is scared of the rain and snuggles up on the sofa, he jumps up to lay next to her. When she is spending time in the tub, he comes in to watch her or sit with her. It’s really funny the way he hangs back, but still keeps an eye on her. Tippy on the other hand…well if there aren’t toys or a camera involved, she could care less what Gabby is up to!

Gabby in her wrap and dress on the sofaThe past two days have been filled with rain, thunder, and lightning. We had one little storm on Monday, which it passed quickly, but Gabby hated it. The poor little thing shakes like a leaf, and runs to hide on your lap or under blankets. The past two days have been filled with long-lasting thunderstorm, and they’re really putting her on edge. She looks scared, she shakes, and she just wants to be near you. She’s a good girl, and she doesn’t whine or try to get destructive; she’s just not herself.  Today I decided to try a TTouch method for calming her. I put her in a half body wrap and put her dress over top. I decided to use the half body wrap since it is the simplest, lightest, and easiest for the pup; it’s the easiest way to try wraps on your dog (Read more about different TTouch wraps here). She wasn’t shaking anymore, but you can tell she is still nervous about all this rain in the picture. I let her snuggle into our blankets on the sofa, and after a few minutes she was hopping up on the pillows with a cute smile to see what I’m doing. I think we will try using the wrap during the fireworks as well.

For some adorable Gabby cuteness, here is a video of her playing with a squeaky plush ball earlier today.

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