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The Great Gabby, Part 7: Play Date Pics!

July 20, 2010

This past week has been a blur. Little Gabby is still doing great, and she has definitely figured out that she has the use of those paws back. She is choosing to walk rather than scoot more and more. With my crazy work hours, she spends most of her time snoozing on a pillow under my desk and playing with her favorite toy (a squeaky ball). Gabby’s favorite toys are small squeak toys–plush or vinyl, just as long as it makes noise! She likes to roll it around and plays little games of chase with herself, just as long as her toy doesn’t travel too far.  She has taken to sleeping in Toby’s bed any time he isn’t in there. She also likes to sleep in Tippy’s tent. Most of the time if we can’t find her, she is passed out with her belly up (waiting for tickles I’m sure) hiding. She loves to find little corners to lay in and curl up, especially if she can drag a blanket to her new little spot.  We are still expressing her every day. Sometimes she goes on her own, but she is always surprised when this happens and tries to run away from it! 

Sunday and Monday I was horribly sick with food poisoning, and as any dog owner will know, I think the dogs figured out that I was sick long before I did. When we came home from the restraunt I laid down on the sofa to relax since I already wasn’t feeling so hot. Tippy jumped up on the sofa with me. I was surprised because normally she likes to curl up with Luis while he plays video games, but I figured he just wasn’t paying enough attention to her. I fell asleep in minutes, and when I woke up, Gabby was curled up next to me and licking my leg, Toby passed out at my feet, and Tippy was pawing at my stomach.  I asked Luis how all the dogs ended up on top of me, and he said Gabby was insistent that she wanted to be up there with me and that he just wouldn’t do. I started to feel that first wave of “ew, I don’t feel good” a few minutes later. Sure enough, I was sick, and I had puppy bedwarmers all day on Monday. I’m still on the mend, but the dogs are trying to take care of me with plenty of naps and licks (lol).

I meant to get these up sooner, but as I said I was working my crazy hours and then caught food plague! Last Wednesday, one of Gabby’s former foster moms (and one of her many god-foster moms lol) came to visit. She brought her dogs so they could play, but these puppies were more interested in getting cuddles than play time. I think Gabby was happy to have some doxie-time. 

Kim and GabbyGabby's favorite tummy ticklesDogs being cuddledDogs playing

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