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Cuddles evening update

July 23, 2010

Attached are some pics that we took this afternoon. I sent this to Ashley to post on the DRSF Blog.

When I came home from work this afternoon, I sat with Miss Cuddles and just held her in my arms and feed her some chicken jerky treats that she loves. I couldn’t hold back the tears as my 9 year old comes to check on Cuddles and finds me with my head down just looking at this tiny, helpless, little girl that looks at you with her little eyes and the pain just radiates into your body from hers. Although I am happy to be the one to be able to help her on this long road to recovery, you cant help to think about all the pain that she is going through. She doesn’t play, she doesn’t bark, she doesn’t do anything that a 1 year old puppy should do. ( We found out that her birthday was July 15, 2009)

On a better note, Auntie Kym came by this afternoon to visit and help out with Cuddles. She brought gifts too!!! Kym was the one that graciously offered to rescue Cuddles from the Humane Society and transported her to the vet and back to my house in Pembroke Pines.
Her paws were worse today than they were yesterday, she licks them non-stop. The little bit of hair that she had on the tip of her tail on Wednesday is now officially gone. 😦
We went for a quick walk around the drive way and she had a bowel movement, YAY…this was the first one in 2 days.
She didn’t really want her chicken and rice today, but she actually ate quite a bit of my other dogs Nutro – Holistic Dry dog food. I was super surprised but she ate really well, of course she was sitting on Auntie Kym’s lap while she ate. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, we have a lot of visitors coming from the DRSF family. They will be bringing a few new topical medications that the Dr. has prescfibed for Cuddles skin irritation and pain.

Cuddles is comfortably sleeping right now, I will post more info tomorrow.

Cuddles, DRSF, My Family & I thank everyone who is following her story. Please continue to pray for this delicate little creature.

Sandra Sanchez
DRSF Fundraising & Events Coordinator

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  1. Chops permalink
    July 24, 2010 6:40 am

    That poor darling baby. I appreciate reading the updates and seeing all the pictures. Hope she will be well on her way to recovery soon. Bless you.

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