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Operation Cuddles, Part 1

July 23, 2010

As pretty much anyone within doxie-loving earshot knows, this week was a great triumph for DRSF. Our fabulous team coordinated the rescue of an adorable piebald doxie named Cuddles with a very serious case of mange. This lucky little girl went from hours away from being put to sleep to being safe in the loving hands of DRSF thanks to a few caring individuals who reached out to anyone who would listen, all to help save this little dog.

DRSF’s Updates

Cuddles at the Humane SocietyMonday night, July 19th:
The letter that started it all…

Hi All, I am sorry to forward such a tough note, but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone was able to help this little girl. I have a note back to her to get a picture and let her know that we could netowrk to find her a home and hope that I am not too late. If you can help, even to donate funds to the shelter to pay for the specialist, please call the shelter in the AM…

Cuddles story:
I work for the Animal Care Clinic in Key Largo FL, We work with the local Humane Society as well as the local rescues. A Dachshund came in a few weeks ago that pulled on my heart strings, probable because I have a 2 year old Dapple boy that is the love of my life and I would do anything for. Cuddles was surrendered to the Humane Society in Key Largo FL. She has a bad skin allergy. The Humane Society has done as much as they can for her including Aloe oatmeal shampoo, medicated shampoo, Humilac spray, lixotinic, cephalexin, clavamox, predinsone put her on Hills Z/D and a number of other things. She is a very sweet 1 year old 10 pound Dachshund. She is not getting any better. She has no hair and is scratching herself raw. The next step for her would be to go to a specialist and get a skin scraping to determine exactly what she is allergic to. The Board of directors at the Humane Society have decided that they cannot put anymore money into Cuddles. She has an Appointment at the clinic I work at tomorrow morning to be put to sleep. It kills me to know that such a young sweet little girl is going to be killed. I am hoping there is something you guys can do. You might have connections or resources that could help Cuddles. If not I understand, It was worth a try. I at least hope when she reaches the Rainbow bridge she isn’t itchy anymore. Thank you!

This is the Humane Society’s #, ask for Karla.
I am supposed to get a picture of her later and when I do I will e-mail it to you.
Thanks again,

Tuesday, July 20th:

DRSF volunteers and fans commented and coordinated via Facebook. We probably blew up Facebook’s servers with the record amount of conversations taking place on our fan page. 

Wednesday morning, July 21st:  

Operation Cuddles is a go! Kym and Nana left Pembroke Pines this AM at 8:30 with homemade chicken and rice, soft towles for cuddling, and are headed for Key Largo. Dr. Sabria and Carmen are waiting for her at Crossroads and Karla and Meg at the Humane Society in Keys were kind enough to assemble her entire medical history so we have all the info we need to help her as quick as we can! Stay tuned for updates!!

Wednesday, noon:

Operation Cuddles Update – We have her! Here she is with Karla from the Humane Society of Key Largo that worked so hard with Megan to find a way to help her. They will miss her and we have promised to update them on how she is doing 🙂 Cuddlesis now on her way with Kym and Nana to Crossroads Animal Hopsital….Stay tuned!

Wednesday afternoon:

Cuddles at the vetCuddles is at the Vet 🙂 She is the belle of the ball already. Dr. Sabria will check her out as soon as they can. Kym and Nana are kind enough to have some lunch and do some shopping and are even watiting for her so that they can bring her back up to Broward for us! Thank you so much for all who have donated and we are so happy her story has touched so many as it did us when we learned about her…

Wednesday evening:

Cuddles is not contagious!!!!!! She has a pretty serious case of demodex mange with an underlying bacterial and yeast infection, but she should be fine 🙂 Kym and Nana (who has become a biohazard from holding Cuddles all day) just got to Foster Mom Sandy’s where Cuddles will recover with Duggie, our other little one with mange. Medical coordinator Janet is getting some nutritional therapy info from Sandra (Romeo’s mom) and we even have the “bat phone” number for Dr. Sabria to answer any questions that Sandy may have. This has been a whirlwind day and we can’t thank everyone who has donated and followed Cuddles story. Given the outpouring of love and generosity she has received, the world is a much better place than you might think. Thank you from all of us who are making this little girl’s recovery possible. 🙂

Thursday morning:

Still basking in our happiness from helping Cuddles yesterday….We received donations from Florida, Georgia, California, Delaware, Washington, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, and New Jersey. There are some truly wonderful people out there and we are so honored with so many great causes that can be supported, that you choose to support us!!!

From foster mom Sandra:

Cuddles safe at her foster homeWednesday night:

She’s finally here….Little Cuddles is sound asleep in her cozy bed. No more Humane Society for her!!!! She’s only 10 months old and the poor thing has had a miserable life so far… That’s changing after tonight. Pics coming soon.

I just wanted to say thank you to Crossroads Animal Hospital, Dr. Sabria for taking care of Cuddles today and for the follow up phone call this evening. She was super concerned and is very eager to see Cuddles get better soon. THANK YOU!!

Friday, July 23:
Yesterday afternoon was a bit rough for Cuddles. Her little feet were and are still swollen & pretty raw. Since she is so itchy, she tends to scratch herself and makes herself bleed. The little bit of hair she had on her tail is pretty much gone. She’s started all of her meds yesterday and is doing well considering how bbad her tummy has been due to her prior treatments. She was strong enough to go for a short walk after she ate her dinner, then she slept like an angel in the new bed that Auntie Laura brought her and is doing well considering how bad her tummy has been due to her prior treatments. She was strong enough to go for a short walk after she ate her dinner, then she slept like an the angel in the new bed that Auntie Laura brought her

Sandra is taking care of Cuddles and Douggie, another of our dogs that are dealing with Demodectic Mange, an entirely treatable condition that is not contagious. Many people are frightened when they hear the word “mange” because it is often associated with sarcoptic mange, which is contagious, though not harmful if all pets in the home are treated early with proper vetrinary care.  The cost can be expensive in these advanced cases, and if this story has touched your heart please contribute so that we can save more dogs that would be passed over in a shelter for this and other treatable conditions.  Visit our web site at to read more about us, view available dogs, apply to foster dogs (always needed!), or make a donation.  More updates on Cuddles coming soon…

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Marj Warren permalink
    July 23, 2010 9:43 pm

    Hi Sandra,

    I am currently raising my 3rd doxie and they are so precious. I saw your article on facebook and would love to help in some way!

    Thanks Marj

  2. Darlene Sparks permalink
    July 23, 2010 9:49 pm

    i read the story about cuddles i just cried. i have 4 mini weinerdogs myself. they are my life and would do anything for them. i am so glad that cuddles is doing good. please keep me informed on how she is doing. im praying for her. she is adorable. thanks for sharing this story

  3. Rainy Newland permalink
    July 23, 2010 10:06 pm

    thanks so much for caring for a sweet doxie and showing her love…i wish i could help all the doxies ( and animals) of the world…you are an angel to Cuddles… i admire all that you are doing 🙂

  4. Denise permalink
    July 23, 2010 10:44 pm

    Thank you for the love you are all showing Cuddles.

  5. July 24, 2010 10:47 pm

    Wow what a great story. I am so happy for Cuddles. miracles do happen with lots of love and help.
    I have two doxies from rescue and one I have had since a pup. Much love and kisses to Cuddles

  6. Linda in RI permalink
    July 25, 2010 12:01 pm

    Please give the pup a kiss for me.
    How is she doing this morning?

    • July 26, 2010 10:40 am

      Foster mom Sandra reports that she had a great weekend, playing and walking around. Unfortunately she had a rough night last night–the poor little thing just couldn’t get comfortable. I’m sure she will appreciate the extra love this morning. 🙂

  7. Laura-hope Scott permalink
    August 24, 2010 1:49 pm

    you people are angels. we love cuddles and send kisses to her.

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