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The Great Gabby, Part 8: Puppy on Ice Skates

July 23, 2010

Gabby can never decide on a toyGabby with toysGabby runningGabby waiting for a cookieA few months ago, my camera died. Actually, my camera was slowly murdered by a teething puppy (a.k.a. Toby). While the chewed/dented remnants performed well enough for awhile after their torturous blows (long enough that I would recommend a Sony Cybershot to any pet owner who anticipates their dog chewing on their camera), eventually the poor little thing died. Since Luis and I had combined households, we also combined electronics (ha!) and I have officially stolen his camera for all of my uses since the arrival of Gabby.

And that leads me to this…more adorable picstures of Gabby!!!  It has been a while since our last video post so now I have exciting news. Our little Gabby can  ice skate!  Seriously! This past few days I realized that something miraculous happened–she has decided that walking is faster than scooting. She is picking herself up any time we call her, and sometimes if her feet don’t move the way they should she just pulls them (while standing) which makes her look like she is skating on the tile. On the carpet, she’s a little diva who can walk around like she owns the place.  I’m so proud of her.

Now grab your tissues if you are attached to this little girl. When you foster you spend every day with the dog. Sometimes you lose sight of how much progress a dog is making because you’re so close. The best analogy I have is to gaining weight; it sort of creeps up on you and you don’t realize that you look any different until your jeans don’t pull on quite like they used to. Well, something was clicking in my mind as I watched her every morning but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Then today it hit me. I opened the door to let her outside so I could help her potty, and she ran right out the door like she does every morning. When I came back in to let my dogs out, I went to grab their leashes and I spotted it–Gabby’s loaner cart.  When she first came to stay with me, they gave me her loaner cart so she could walk around and practice if she needed it. We did use it at first, as she built her strength up, so she could go to the nearby grassy areas with my dogs. But then I started carrying her on the longer distances to the park in a dog carrier bag (to protect her paws), and she got more exercise while playing. For a short distance, I put bandaids on her feet and little by little she just came with us. Today I looked at her little loaner cart sitting in the corner and I realized we have absolutely no use for it. I have to call the rescue coordinator. There is another dog who needs it, but Gabby doesn’t.

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