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The Great Gabby, Part 9: Gabby goes for a walk!

July 27, 2010

I had some doctor’s appointments today so our puppies were crated, which I hate. I thought it would be a good idea to let the dogs have some playtime in the grass. Normally I put Gabby into a carrier bag so that she can keep up with my dogs until we get to a play area–then she can run around to her heart’s content. Today she was waiting right next to my pups while I put on their leashes and she had that look that said, “Come on…put a leash on me too!! I can do it!”  I figured why not, so I packed up some bandaids (just in case she scraped her toes) and off we went. She has a very unique walk right now–sort of a hop, skip, walk as she learns where her feet are.  When we got to the grass, she rolled around with a big smile  like she was in heaven. She did get one small scrape that I cleaned up and put a bandaid on when we got home, but she was so proud of her walk that she was on cloud nine. I think she really missed chasing lizards!! Adorable pics & videos follow…

Gabby on a leashGabby in the grass 1Gabby in the grass 2Gabby relaxing in the grassThe girls relaxingThe girls relaxing 2So proud of her walk, looking out the windowSo proud of her walk, looking out the window 2

And one cute video of her playing with a toy that I had and I think I forgot to post!

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