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Letter from a Foster Doxie: “Can I please adopt my foster moms?”

November 16, 2010

Dear Ms Perkins (Boss lady):

I would like to apply for the adoption of my 2 foster mommies Carmen & Sandi.

My name is Salma Hayek (formerly known as Raven, but I aint no bird!)

 I am about 3 years old & I heard about DRSF when dis nice lady called Regina came to bust me outa da shelter. I don’t know why I was there; I was a bit confused & a bit scared.

 Regina took me to da vet where I met my foster mommies. I heard da words “heartworm” & “voluptuous” I think dat they were suggesting I was a lardy butt but I’m all womanly dachshund!

I really really love my foster home. When I first arrived there was a very sweet senior doxie called Dr Cusamano who didn’t mind me sleeping in da big bed with her & she would rest her frosty chin on my back. She is at da rainbow bridge now & is watching over me & my foster mommies.

There are 3 other doxies & we all get along…I get along with all doggies although my foster mommies have caught me a couple of times chasing da 2 kitties…I wouldn’t hurt them, just showing them we doxies are in charge!

There is a huge yard with a 6 foot wooden fence. My mommies say when I’m heartworm negative I’ll be able to run like the wind with my ears flapping but for now I am strictly supervised & walked with a leash as I have to get completely better first. I have to stay calm, cool & stress free.

The only stairs in da house are steps up to da big bed but I don’t use them. My foster mommies are my elevator & I wait patiently to be put up & I let them know when I want to get down. I’ve got them trained!

When my foster mommies go out I get to stay in da bedroom wiv my own comfy bed, blankies & 2 chihuahuas for company. We get along just fine. I will hang out in a crate too, but I like it much better in the bedroom I get to move my mommies shoes around the room & if I’m lucky I’ll pull a t-shirt off da bed to snuggle with. I like to collect things & take them to my bed!

I’m eating a special low calorie food now which I love & I get low calorie treats. I was 18 pounds when I came out of da shelter. Now I’m down to 15 pounds 4 oz, I have a little bit to go but I’m already feeling more energetic & I love to bounce up & down! Later on, my vet mommy says she will spay me, whatever dat is, & my nurse mommy will clean my teef.

My mommies say they have fallen in love with me & I’m a perfect fit! I love them too & now when they call my name “Salma” I wags my tail. When they come home after going out I can’t help it, I get real excited & go a bit goofy. I heard them say that maybe I was meant to come into their lives to help them through the loss of their beloved Cusamano. I tried so hard to help & make them smile. I think it worked!

My mommies have even promised to take me to doxie get togethers wiv my new cute brother Hamlet to meet all the lovely DRSF peeps & doxies. Dear Ms Perkins, please oh please can I adopt my foster mommies & stay & have this as my forever home??

 Yours truly,
Salma Hayek xxx

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