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Cuddles update, Day 1 & 2 from foster mom Sandra

July 23, 2010

Day 1

Good morning everyone, I’m happy to report that all is good at The  “Mange Range”.  Although Lil Douggie had to pee pee at 3:30 am and then decided he wanted to play outside and not go to sleep!! What can you expect from a 6 mo. old puppy!!! AYY YA YAI…  otherwise Cuddles slept like an “ANGEL” .  I don’t think she moved a muscle all night.  She must have been exhausted from everything that happened yesterday.  Every time I checked on her she looked like a little doughnut w/ purple frosting!! (She had on a purple T-shirt on).  What a sweet baby girl. 
The only thing I think I would need for is more clothes like T-shirts. Loose fitting but not too big that she can’t walk.  Her skin is super sensitive so it has to be loose.
As far as food, I don’t think we should put it on FB. I’m going to buy a large pack of Chicken Breast and boil it, chop it, & freeze it in small containers to make the cooking part easier.  I’ll mix it with Brown Rice.  I know that Janet & Jen were going to speak with Sandra in WPB about other foods she might think are good. Since her stomach is pretty weak because of the meds she has been on, I’m just going to give her the chicken & rice for a few days and little by little introduce her to other foods. 

Day 2

Good morning all, Wish I was still in bed with this wether like this, but somebody has to pay those darn bills!! Anyways, yesterday afternoon was rough!! Cuddles feet were and still are so swollen and the little bit of hair she had on her tail is pretty much gone, she chewed herself raw. I gave her a warm bath with the medicated shampoo “Keto-Chlor” around 6.  After the bath she was content for a few minutes, but then once her skin dried….things got worse….she chewed and scratch herself everywhere.  Per the vet instructions, I picked up a can of Lidocane spray from Walgreens the Pharmacist helped me. Unfortunately even though I sprayed it into my hands to apply it, it really stung her bad. But it did help her itchiness. Her skin is do delicate and you can see in her little eyes that she is just miserable and her sores really hurt.
She hasn’t gone potty since Wednesday morning she only goes Pee Pee, she does drink a lot of water.  So obviously the issue now is not diareah it’s constipation. I’m sure that the rice and chicken even though she likes it, is clogging her up. 
Yesterday I started her on all of her meds, below is the list.
Baytril in the AM.
Vitamin E-oil in her food at breakfast.
1/2 pepcid ac tab at lunch time
Ivermectin (diff doses each day) at dinner time. 
This is not as easy as I thought it would be. I just want to blink my eyes and get rid of all of her pain and suffering, but I can’t!! One thing is to see her in pictures, the other is to see her in person and know that it’s going to be a long recovery. So it is extremely important to me to make her as comfortable as possible while she is in this delicate condition and if there’s is anything topical that can be used for her skin that obviously doesnt have to go into her mouth and hurt her tummy please, please please let me know what it is so that I can get it for her.

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  1. Chops permalink
    July 24, 2010 6:27 am

    You are a wonderful guardian angel for Cuddles. I am certain the journey is not easy but the rewards will be great. Hang in there. Cuddles apprecaites you so much!

  2. Lori Campbell permalink
    July 26, 2010 1:24 pm

    Hi! I’m so glad you’ve got Cuddles in your care! My little dachshund rescue, Daisy had demodex mange and one of the topical things we used to calm and moisturize her skin was emu oil. It’s typically sold through small organic skin care companies (I buy mine from Earth to Body at The amazing thing about emu oil is that it’s really high in vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids and for some reason has pain relieving properties despite the fact that it has no medicinal ingredients. I’ve burned myself in the kitchen and used it with miraculous results (better than aloe) and we always use it in our house for sunburns, eczema, etc… I like to store mine in the fridge because it has a short shelf life and applying it cold feels great! The most important thing (aside from the obvious benefits we’ve experienced) is that it doesn’t sting. Good luck! I can’t wait to keep reading to see how little Cuddles is doing…

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